My meandering path through life.


Been awhile

Like I disappeared. Back checking the corners and hopefully will start posting again soon.


Been up to what?

I haven’t abandoned my blog and I hope catch up here in the near future.


What have I been up to? Well watching a bunch of “Storage Wars”, “Duck Dynasty” and “Burn Notice”. Been between Colorado and Arizona to many times and  just hanging out.


So stay tuned, hopefully things to come.

12 weeks

Twelve weeks…

I look back at the past twelve weeks; not quite a dream, not quite a nightmare, but somewhere in between it all.  I have been scared, angry, numb, depressed, happy, and estactic. Some people say I look happier; that I find hard to see as I feel like I am stumbling in a fog at times.

What I have found that has kept me grounded is my faith, my family, my friends. And when it comes down to it, what else is there.

On facebook one day I wrote this:

“After life comes to a screeching halt or at least it seems like. It’s an interesting thing to watch as things begin to happen and some cases not.
Lives that had a common ground, begin to separate and at times it feels like you get left behind. All I can say is mixed emotions. I stand in awe of those that brave this time, and I cheer for those that find their footing and make a better world for themselves. It can feel full of turmoil, but as with any storm there is a calm place where you can find peace.”

I felt like was I tossed from the car and left behind and my life had come to a standstill. But I thank my faith in God, that my life is being prepared for a new direction, a new place in life, a new opportunity. I thank my family for standing behind me, for their love, for the unwavering support, for their backs that carried me; I think my friends for sitting with me and listening, for not abandoning me, for reaching out.

I know something new is coming, something with new challenges, new satisfaction. My faith tells me so.

7 Weeks

It’s been seven weeks since the day my life changed.

I have been through many milestones; my first job, getting married, the birth of my kids, but never have I have been through something that felt like it stripped away who I am. I still don’t know how I feel except I know I am scared. The weight of knowing I need to take care of my family, to feed and clothe them, to provide shelter and transportation, to keep the bills paid. Somedays I just don’t know.

I am thankful for the blessings we received through the Christmas season. Many felt like miracles and I praise God for putting us on people’s hearts. Thank you.

January is almost through and I need to fight to get the motivation to get through some of the basics things I need to do.


Dec.1 2011

Just tagging the date.

Standing at a crossroad and unable to read the sign. Go left? Go right? Can’t go back.

It was an awesome week seeing my mom and my oldest brother Mike. It’s been two years since we  have seen them and it was a special treat when they called and said they were coming to visit. We ate too much, stayed up too late, when shooting guns ( my brother) and just had a great visit. Thank you  to my father-in-law and sister-in-law for their hospitality and kindness too. They opened up their home and their hearts for my mom.

Kiersten and Eric with Mom and my brother Mike.

Sight installs on CZ guns

GK Custom is doing some sight installs for me that are looking pretty good.

So far we have used the Heinie fixed rear sight, using the Novak lo-mount cut. This gives us lots of options to choose from including Heinie, Novak, 10-8, Harrison Design, etc.

Heini Slant Pro on a CZ75 1986 model


Heinie Ledge rear sight on 75 SA slide


And this is fun one. A Tripp K1 rear sight. This required a little welding to clean up the old dovetail. But after refinishing, this is awesome.

Tripp K1 rear sight on a CZ SP01 Shadow slide


If you have any questions on sight installs or would like more information. Drop me a line.