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CZ Czechmate now in the US

I am such a CZ fanboy. Love these guns. Finally reaching our shores is the CZ Czechmate. A great addition to factory produced open guns. The comp look well mated to the slide and while the price seems high at first glance, it comes with a lot. A big stick, 3 other mags, two extra barrels, slidestops, red dot sight, etc. Awesome package.

This would be awesome for USPSA open division. While not up to the 30 rnd mags of the STI, it would still be able to compete very well for most shooters.

What an awesome looking gun. But like I said. I am a CZ fan.

Here are couple of photos from Matt at CZ-USA.

CZ says the Czechmate comes with :
ambi slide racker
c-more slide ride sight 6moa dot
2 spare serial matching threaded barrels
1 26 round magazine
3 20 round magazines
mag loader
aluminum grips
aluminum magwell
comp hammer
4 port comp
barrel nut with removable front sight
rear fixed sight
2 slide stops with finger groove
4 without finger grooves
czechmate frame is different than TS grip is undercut, frame has notch for c-more mount,
cleaning rod
cleaning brush

If interested give CZ a call at 1-800-955-4486 ext 321

more info you can follow the thread at CZforum

My fantasy for the day? CZ calls me up and says “Hey, you want to take one for a spin?” haha. Hey it’s Friday.


Hi Point smackdown (cont.)

Well gonzo gun blogger Justin hit the range for some livefire action with the Hi-Point C9.

I was disappointed not to make the range to see first hand and maybe get a chance to shoot the gun. But here is Justin’s first impressions shooting this gun.

The Way of the Multigun> Hi-Point Throwdown: Trigger Pullin’

“Prepare For Glory” Eddie Rhodes

This year a great 3-gunner Eddie Rhodes passed away. Eddie was the proponent of what they call He-man or Heavy Metal Division. Iron sights, .308 rifle, 12gauge pump shotgun and .45acp pistol. Here is a short video by 3GunNation on Eddie.

This year’s local IBPO537/FOP7 Tactical 3-gun match was shot in Eddie’s honor. The match looked like a pretty good challenge for the shooters with a good mix of all three guns. One stage started out using a JP Rifle .308, which was later donated to one of shooters who was picked by a random drawing. Here are a few photos from the match.

Do not let your hearts be troubled

Life is tough sometimes.  I guess there are no promises that it will be easy. Like most these days, we have trouble getting the ends to meet. Lately has been especially challenging and at times I wonder how we will do it. Today I was doing some internet searching and came across this passage.

‎”Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

I guess timing is everything.

Hi Point Smackdown ( cont. )

To catch you up to speed. Multigun blogger Justin threw down a challenge to all the Hi Point fans. Send him a gun to shoot in competition and if it holds its own, he will speak of the virtues of the Hi Point platform.

Well Charles Brown of Hi Point Firearms stepped up to the challenge and sent Justin a pistol and mags for the test. It arrived yesterday at Whistling Pines Gun Club and I got to check it out.

From what I saw and handled. The gun is pretty solid. It has two color sights to distinguish the front sight from the rear. It is big on top, but I would think that is because of the direct blowback design and the weight is needed in the slide. The mag release was pretty easy to manipulate, but the mags did not come flying out like some other brands. The trigger travel seemed long and kind of squishy. There is a magazine disconnect. Six additional mags came with the gun. They are of the 10round variety with ext. basepads.

The gun pointed low for me and I needed to adjust my grip to be able to align the sights. I wanted to see how the gun came apart but found you needed to drive a pin out in the rear of the frame to do so and I didn’t have any tools on hand.

Hopefully sometime this week, I can catch up with Justin and see how the gun does in live-fire.

Stay tuned for more.


Well Saturday afternoon I am out sweatin’ in the garage helping my wife clean up the mess we have when a friend from  my early shooting days calls up. Says he is coming down with  buddy and thinking of shooting the match, I should come along. Tell him I can’t cause I am short on gear, he says “taken care of”. Finish off the garage, which I must say is a big improvement from what it was, and get what I got ready for the match.

Meet up Sunday morning, saying my hellos, and there is my buddy. Big smile, big handshake. We chat it up a bit and he hands me a gun ( an old Don Fisher custom 1911 ), mags and ammo; says we are signed up and ready to go.

Awesome day. A lot of laughs at our bad shooting, watching him learn how to use a palm (stagescore) for scoring was too funny. Getting a chance to compete again after my time away was great. It came back to me pretty well. My shooting was good, I shot only 5 Ds for the six stages with no misses or penalties. My movement while not speedy was decent. No real missteps, hit all my reloads, two malfunctions which I will blame on my friend.

I ended up winning single stack division by about 12% and came in 8th overall at 72% of the limited and open division winners.

Pretty awesome day. I was hot, tired and sore from cleaning the day before. But it was great.


OK, been sitting here thinking about the day’s shooting and the feeling I had.

I remember walking through each of my plans. My friend would ask and we would go over the steps, the target order, the reloads. On my pre shoot routine, I can remember seating the mag and engaging the thumbsafety as this was different from shooting production division. I remember seeing the serrations on the front sight and the unusual glare on it. Later I noticed it was a ramped from sight. ahha. I do not remember the reloads. On reflection I only noticed two. One where the last round in the mag hadn’t fed properly and was hanging up under the extractor. The second where the round was slightly out of position when it entered the magwell preventing the  mag from seating. So my awareness was in the moment as I remember seeing those and I still see the picture of them but the 15 or so other reloads I do not remember, or I remember them as effortless and so of no significance. I do not remember the feeling of recoil, but do remember seeing the sight lift; maybe it was the glare on the sight that made that memorable, I have a movie in my head of the sight lifting and resetting.

Nothing felt blazing fast, but nothing faltered either. I only won one stage in single stack, but had no misses for the day.


Shooting USPSA

Just for fun. A match video shot by GM shooter and photographer Dave Re of me way back in 2008 from the Double Tap Championship in Wichita Falls, Tx. If you get a chance to shoot the match, DO. It is a great match with a lot of challenging shooting and great competition. Robert Porter keeps improving this match every year and it is never a disappointment.

USPSA ( United State Practical Shooting Association ) shooting is a lot of fun. How can running and playing with guns not be. I have been doing this since the late 1980s, shooting open, limited, limit 10, production and single stack divisions. I gave revolver a try once, but I guess that is not really fair. I have been shooting production division lately, which has limits on the amount of customization you can do to the gun.

I have been shooting a CZ for the past few years. For this match it was the  tricked out SP01 with an awesome trigger. The gun ran great for this match and I really have not had any problems with platform.  I have tried a Beretta Elite, Glock 34, Smith M&P and I keep coming back to the CZ.

If you want some fun and get better at your gun handling skills, find a local club and try out USPSA shooting. You’ll be hooked.