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Shooting a CZ

I have been shooting a CZ pistol in USPSA production for a few years now.  The small grip fits my hand extremely well and the guns point perfectly. With some love the triggers are fantastic. A 5# double action with a smooth light stroke is attainable as is a 2# single action. If you don’t know how to do this yourself Angus Hobdell or Matt Mink are two really great guys that can do this for you.

I usually do some reliability work which entails re-profiling the slidestop, beveling the breechface, polishing the middle rail on the slide’s underside and polishing the extractor.

There is a pretty good sight selection available for CZs. Plain black front, fiber optic front, high visibility fixed rear and adjustables. My favorite is a plain black serrated sight. I take the plain black and thin it to .100, then serrate it with a 25lpi file. This is pretty coarse, but really sets the front sight off from the finer serrations of the rear sight. For a rear sight, I like the CZcustom tactical rear sight.

Grips for the CZ are plentiful. CZcustom, Hogue, Denis Marschal and Omega are a few of the choices. Again my favorite is from CZcustom. The flat aluminum grips are the best. No other choices for me. These are flat, and allow my hand to get a tight, high grip on the gun. Perfection.


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  1. Indeed! Since picking up your old blaster from BW, I’m really liking the CZ myself. Coming from a 1911 background, the CZ as a production gun is the best fit for me.

    I’ve been very pleased with my Shadow and in fact am only taking a break from dry firing it to post this comment!

    And, you gotta spill the beans on how you get that kind of photo. Are you using a light box?

    July 10, 2010 at 1:49 pm

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