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New CZ additions for 2011

These are beautiful. Angus posted these up on his facebook saying these are new from CZ Custom for CZ-USA 2011 catalog.

Short dustcover Shadows!!!

I love the balance of the short dustcover gun. Before the latest USPSA production rule change I competed with a 75SA converted to DA/SA to take advantage of the beavertail, extended safeties, big mag release but not have the weight of the SP01. Now with this you can have it all. No firing pin block of the Shadow, beavertail, ext. controls and superb balance.

And being a catalogued item, these can be approved by USPSA for production division.



4/ CZC 75 Shadow TDT (91704 / 01704)
9 x 19
SA Lower, no firing pin block, stainless mag break.
Poly Coat Upper BLACK and Lower SILVER
SA DA Trigger Mechanism.
SA DA Comp Hammer, included CZC Trigger Work.
CZC XTD Firing Pin.
3.5 / 4.0 Lbs SA
7.5 / 8.5 Lbs DA
85 Combat Style ADJ Trigger.
Custom Spring Package.
(Hammer 13 Lbs Recoil 11 Lbs)
Shadow Style Upper
Champion ADJ Target Rear (LPA Style)
CZC Fiber 6.5mm Optic Front
Black Aluminum Grips
Supplied with 2 x 18 Round Magazines
Function fired and Supplied with Test Target.