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Sight installs on CZ guns

GK Custom is doing some sight installs for me that are looking pretty good.

So far we have used the Heinie fixed rear sight, using the Novak lo-mount cut. This gives us lots of options to choose from including Heinie, Novak, 10-8, Harrison Design, etc.

Heini Slant Pro on a CZ75 1986 model


Heinie Ledge rear sight on 75 SA slide


And this is fun one. A Tripp K1 rear sight. This required a little welding to clean up the old dovetail. But after refinishing, this is awesome.

Tripp K1 rear sight on a CZ SP01 Shadow slide


If you have any questions on sight installs or would like more information. Drop me a line.


One response

  1. Jim

    Great sights Stuart. I love cz’s even back when I was serving in the Philippines as a cop/SWAT guy.
    How do I get in contact with GK customs?
    Lastly I see you’re a member of the czusa forum. I’ve been trying to join for 2 weeks now but Im having trouble registering. It’s like the site is broken or something.. It says contact the site admin if Im having trouble registering but I really don’t know how.
    I’d be greatful if you could help me.
    Thank you.

    Very Respectfully,
    HA Jaime S. Ferrer
    Health Services Department
    Phone: 847-688-4718 x 283

    November 22, 2011 at 10:31 am

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