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12 weeks

Twelve weeks…

I look back at the past twelve weeks; not quite a dream, not quite a nightmare, but somewhere in between it all.  I have been scared, angry, numb, depressed, happy, and estactic. Some people say I look happier; that I find hard to see as I feel like I am stumbling in a fog at times.

What I have found that has kept me grounded is my faith, my family, my friends. And when it comes down to it, what else is there.

On facebook one day I wrote this:

“After life comes to a screeching halt or at least it seems like. It’s an interesting thing to watch as things begin to happen and some cases not.
Lives that had a common ground, begin to separate and at times it feels like you get left behind. All I can say is mixed emotions. I stand in awe of those that brave this time, and I cheer for those that find their footing and make a better world for themselves. It can feel full of turmoil, but as with any storm there is a calm place where you can find peace.”

I felt like was I tossed from the car and left behind and my life had come to a standstill. But I thank my faith in God, that my life is being prepared for a new direction, a new place in life, a new opportunity. I thank my family for standing behind me, for their love, for the unwavering support, for their backs that carried me; I think my friends for sitting with me and listening, for not abandoning me, for reaching out.

I know something new is coming, something with new challenges, new satisfaction. My faith tells me so.