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Personal Thoughts

Been up to what?

I haven’t abandoned my blog and I hope catch up here in the near future.


What have I been up to? Well watching a bunch of “Storage Wars”, “Duck Dynasty” and “Burn Notice”. Been between Colorado and Arizona to many times and  just hanging out.


So stay tuned, hopefully things to come.


12 weeks

Twelve weeks…

I look back at the past twelve weeks; not quite a dream, not quite a nightmare, but somewhere in between it all.  I have been scared, angry, numb, depressed, happy, and estactic. Some people say I look happier; that I find hard to see as I feel like I am stumbling in a fog at times.

What I have found that has kept me grounded is my faith, my family, my friends. And when it comes down to it, what else is there.

On facebook one day I wrote this:

“After life comes to a screeching halt or at least it seems like. It’s an interesting thing to watch as things begin to happen and some cases not.
Lives that had a common ground, begin to separate and at times it feels like you get left behind. All I can say is mixed emotions. I stand in awe of those that brave this time, and I cheer for those that find their footing and make a better world for themselves. It can feel full of turmoil, but as with any storm there is a calm place where you can find peace.”

I felt like was I tossed from the car and left behind and my life had come to a standstill. But I thank my faith in God, that my life is being prepared for a new direction, a new place in life, a new opportunity. I thank my family for standing behind me, for their love, for the unwavering support, for their backs that carried me; I think my friends for sitting with me and listening, for not abandoning me, for reaching out.

I know something new is coming, something with new challenges, new satisfaction. My faith tells me so.

Dec.1 2011

Just tagging the date.

Standing at a crossroad and unable to read the sign. Go left? Go right? Can’t go back.

Do not let your hearts be troubled

Life is tough sometimes.  I guess there are no promises that it will be easy. Like most these days, we have trouble getting the ends to meet. Lately has been especially challenging and at times I wonder how we will do it. Today I was doing some internet searching and came across this passage.

‎”Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

I guess timing is everything.


Well Saturday afternoon I am out sweatin’ in the garage helping my wife clean up the mess we have when a friend from  my early shooting days calls up. Says he is coming down with  buddy and thinking of shooting the match, I should come along. Tell him I can’t cause I am short on gear, he says “taken care of”. Finish off the garage, which I must say is a big improvement from what it was, and get what I got ready for the match.

Meet up Sunday morning, saying my hellos, and there is my buddy. Big smile, big handshake. We chat it up a bit and he hands me a gun ( an old Don Fisher custom 1911 ), mags and ammo; says we are signed up and ready to go.

Awesome day. A lot of laughs at our bad shooting, watching him learn how to use a palm (stagescore) for scoring was too funny. Getting a chance to compete again after my time away was great. It came back to me pretty well. My shooting was good, I shot only 5 Ds for the six stages with no misses or penalties. My movement while not speedy was decent. No real missteps, hit all my reloads, two malfunctions which I will blame on my friend.

I ended up winning single stack division by about 12% and came in 8th overall at 72% of the limited and open division winners.

Pretty awesome day. I was hot, tired and sore from cleaning the day before. But it was great.


OK, been sitting here thinking about the day’s shooting and the feeling I had.

I remember walking through each of my plans. My friend would ask and we would go over the steps, the target order, the reloads. On my pre shoot routine, I can remember seating the mag and engaging the thumbsafety as this was different from shooting production division. I remember seeing the serrations on the front sight and the unusual glare on it. Later I noticed it was a ramped from sight. ahha. I do not remember the reloads. On reflection I only noticed two. One where the last round in the mag hadn’t fed properly and was hanging up under the extractor. The second where the round was slightly out of position when it entered the magwell preventing the  mag from seating. So my awareness was in the moment as I remember seeing those and I still see the picture of them but the 15 or so other reloads I do not remember, or I remember them as effortless and so of no significance. I do not remember the feeling of recoil, but do remember seeing the sight lift; maybe it was the glare on the sight that made that memorable, I have a movie in my head of the sight lifting and resetting.

Nothing felt blazing fast, but nothing faltered either. I only won one stage in single stack, but had no misses for the day.


Stormy Skies

Crazy weather lately. Big rainstorms and hail; the skies just open up. Crossing the street to the parking lot I took a look at the peak and saw the dark clouds carrying more rain and just a couple of fingers of sunlight reaching down. Quick thought: it was like God reaching down through the darkness.

Heavy rain again today. Will see what’s in store for tomorrow. God Bless.


OK. I love summer berries. Raspberries and blackberries are my favorite. Love the tartness of raspberries and the sweetness of blackberries together.

My mom used to make a really great raspberry pie, which I always chose for my birthday. Sadly to say I never learned to make my mom’s pie crust. So the next best thing that I found that comes close to that taste is a large scoop of berries over plain vanilla ice cream. It makes me happy.