My meandering path through life.


Been awhile

Like I disappeared. Back checking the corners and hopefully will start posting again soon.


7 Weeks

It’s been seven weeks since the day my life changed.

I have been through many milestones; my first job, getting married, the birth of my kids, but never have I have been through something that felt like it stripped away who I am. I still don’t know how I feel except I know I am scared. The weight of knowing I need to take care of my family, to feed and clothe them, to provide shelter and transportation, to keep the bills paid. Somedays I just don’t know.

I am thankful for the blessings we received through the Christmas season. Many felt like miracles and I praise God for putting us on people’s hearts. Thank you.

January is almost through and I need to fight to get the motivation to get through some of the basics things I need to do.



One of my brothers and my mom are in town visiting and I talked my brother to getting up early to check out Garden of the Gods at sunrise. It’s always breathtaking to see.

Photo by Stuart Wong

Love the rain.

Rain, rain, rain.

Love the rain, sometimes. Reminds me of growing up on the coast. Walking to school, doing my paper route as a kid, having to play in it, because the sun never shined ( it seemed like that ) .



Stuart Wong / 2011

The Mountain

Love the view of our mountain. It changes almost everyday, yet it’s the same everyday.

Lunar Eclipse

Almost forgot about this, but a nice reminder from some friends watching got me going. I ran and grab my camera and an old 400 3.5 lens went outside in shorts and tshirt. Shot a couple of photos as it was halfway and back inside to post on my facebook page.

A few more minutes and the moon slowing disappeared and took on a cool shadowy  look. Ran back inside to get my wife and the kids for a look this cool bit of nature.